July 23, 2011

Steampunk Treasures

I felt like I'd found buried treasure when I discovered this faux leather backgammon set at the thrift store for only $1.00. I knew that I wanted to use steampunk images to decorate the exterior, but the brown surface had to go. Thus began my experiment with materials that generally are not compatible with a synthetic surface, but perseverance and a light hand created the results I was seeking. I love finding inspiration at a bargain price. Here are the results.

2011 08 LRoberts Steampunk Backgammon game front

2011 08 LRoberts Steampunk Treasures Backgammon game open

I love the Oxford Impressions stamps: The Deep, Steampunk Works, and Steampunk Elements. This was a simple transformation with Claudine Hellmuth Studio products, Tim Holtz™ Adirondack® Color Wash, and Archival™ ink. You'll find the details on pages 96 - 97 of the August 2011 issue of Crafts 'n things.

Steampunk Bird Tag

The absurdity of steampunk is one of the things that makes use of the images fascinating. Only the imagination can limit the possibilities. Where else could you find a mechanical bird wearing a top hat?

2011 08 LRoberts Steampunk Treasures Mechanical Bird Tag

You'll find the details on this project from page 97 of the August 2011 issue of Crafts 'n things here. The Steampunk Works stamp set is by Oxford Impressions. All other products are from Ranger ® including the oversized manila tag.

ATCs Beyond Trading: Celebrating the 4th

2011 08 LRoberts ATCs Beyond Trading Tambourine with Strength of America ATC

Have you seen the silhouette image of three children marching in what looks like an improvised parade? If so, you may understand why a red plastic tambourine reminds me of a July 4th celebration. I've seen the image on July 4th T-shirts, and it's always reminded me of childhood days when I marched in the kindergarten "rhythm band." In an era of electronic gadgetry, it may be difficult to imagine the pleasure that children derived in playing simple instruments such as a triangle or wooden blocks and the coveted noisemaker that led our "parades," the tambourine.

The tambourine will always signify celebration in my mind, a perfect backdrop for this ATC featured on pages 82 - 83 in the August 2011 issue of Crafts 'n things. It celebrates the "Strength of America" that is found "in the hearts and souls of its people." (Strength of America stamp from Art Impressions; flag stamp from Rubber Monger)

This artist trading card provides further reminder of the roots of our nation. It brought a little smile to my face to use the Top Hat image from the English PaperArtsy™ company to represent our forefathers.

2011 08 LRoberts ATCs Beyond Trading America America ATC

Ink up to create a red, white, and blue party to honor the birth of a nation! You'll find all the color you need with Ranger® Adirondack® pigment and dye inks.

30 Minute Card: Inspiring Butterfly

Subtle is not a word that I would normally use to describe my stamping style, but the subtlety of this watercolor technique is truly inspiring. No one need know that all that is required is the ability to ink your stamp and mist with water.

2011 08 LRoberts 30 Minute Inspiring Butterfly Card

You'll find the directions for this project from the August 2011 issue of Crafts 'n things, page 78, here. The Inspire Butterfly Collage stamp is from Memory Box. The inks are from Jenni Bowlin's palette. Try this and your friends will believe you’re a fine artist.