April 26, 2009

Fanciful Wings Project Set

I love a bargain and regularly shop the aisles of the local dollar store for crafting inspiration. When I found these glow in the dark butterflies, my mind began to race. These four projects, featured in the June 2009 issue of Crafts 'n Things, were the result.
I think that my favorite is this embossed card using Nick Bantock™ Dye Pads. I wish that you could see the beautiful sheen that the Perfect Pearls™ provide.
LRoberts Glo Butterflies Fanciful Wings Embossed Card

Here I’ve used Tim Holtz™ Adirondack® Color Wash™ for a really easy card. Such rich colors.
LRoberts Glo Butterflies Fluttering Flight Card 

With added color from Adirondack® Dye Ink Pads, Color Wash™ clean-up from the card above was the foundation for this journal. Below, you can see how I incorporated mulberry paper to finish the inside cover.
LRoberts Glo Butterflies Second Impressions Journal Cover LRoberts Glo Butterflies Second Impressions Journal Inside
I found one more use for Color Wash™ in this butterfly paper casting.
LRoberts Glo Butterflies Paper Casting Card 
Details for constructing these cards are on pages 98-99. With a little imagination, I’m sure you’ll think of other uses for this inexpensive find.

Rubber Stamper’s Studio: Deli Wrap Journals

Have you ever had the experience of trying to locate a supply and then forgetting why you wanted it in the first place? That was the case for me with deli wrap. I knew that I had to have some, and it took me months to locate a source. By the time that the deli wrap arrived, I was scratching my head to try to remember why I ordered it in the first place.
I now know why I started the search, but in the meantime, I've enjoyed some fun experiments. I love the translucency of the deli wrap, and I was interested to see what kind of backgrounds I could create with it. The painted backgrounds (using Adirondack® Acrylic Paint Dabbers) for these journals are the result of one of my play days. These three found their way into the June 2009 issue of Crafts ‘n Things.
5LRoberts By the Sea Deli Paper Photostamp Journal

4LRoberts Afternoon Tea Deli Paper Photostamp Journal

3LRoberts Sands of Time Deli Paper Photostamp Journal
Here are two more.
2LRoberts Invincible Summer Deli Paper Photostamp Journal

6LRoberts Remember Home Deli Paper Photostamp Journal
If you are admiring the photo stamps, they are all plates from fellow Tennessee stamper, Suzanne Melvin, and her company, Oxford Impressions. (You may remember that I used Suzanne's Bird's Nest collection in creating the birdhouse and card gift set in the April issue.) The stamps for “By the Sea” and “Afternoon Tea” are from plates of the same name. The photo stamps for “Sands of Time” and the house in “Remember” are from the Family Album plate. “Invincible Summer” uses stamps from Season of Giving.
One thing that I like about these journals is that the pages can be replaced when filled by simply untying the binding and inserting new ones. If you’re really adventuresome, collect those filled pages and bind them together for a totally new book. For details of journal construction, see pages 94-95.

Better Backgrounds: Masking with Tape

You may have thought of masking tape as a standard artist supply, but have you considered using it to create your backgrounds? Look at these two cards from my Better Backgrounds column in the June 2009 issue of Crafts ‘n Things.
Friend Tape Masking Card
Thanks Waterbrush Tape Masking Card
At first glance, I think you’d be hard pressed to say how these backgrounds were created. Tape and Adirondack® Dye Ink pads are the answer. The details are on pages 92-93.

The two great stamps, Sherrie and Sharon, by B Line Designs were stamped with a Big & Bossy™ Two-tone Embossing Pad and embossed with Super Fine Detail™ Powder. (You could achieve the same result with the newer Adirondack® Pigment Inks.) This is also a perfect background for rub-ons as demonstrated by the addition of “thanks” (Creative Imaginations) to the card stamped with Sharon’s veiled image.
Here’s an example with colors that do not overlap. (Stamps: Time Flies, Stampers Anonymous; Eternity Slab, Postmodern Design. Nick Bantock™ Dye Pads: Chartreuse, Deep Turquoise, Vermillion Lacquer, Damson Plum, Chrome Yellow.)
Eternity Tape Masking Card
For a completely different look, tear your tape to create the shape of your choice. After creating the grid background with tape and Clover Adirondack® Dye Ink, I added the flower effect with tape and Wild Plum ink. (Stamp: Printer’s Mark, LaPluma; Big & Bossy™ Two-tone Embossing Pad; Bottle Adirondack® Embossing Powder.)
Hello Tape Masking Card

Want to try something different? Let your tape be your guide!

Stamped Pinball Games

Need an inexpensive gift for Father’s Day? I have the perfect answer! Look no further than your local dollar store. In a matter of minutes, you can create the perfect background with Adirondack® Alcohol Inks to customize this toy with stamps of your choice.

Here are two examples you’ll find at page 102 in the June 2009 issue of Crafts ‘n Things.
0906 CnT  LRoberts Pinball Vintage Golfer
0906 CnT LRoberts Pinball Kiss the Cook
And two more.
0906 CnT LRoberts Pinball Gone Fishing
June 09 LRoberts Pinball You're the King

That special man in your life (or anyone who is a child at heart) won’t be able to resist playing with his personalized toy. What’s more, he’ll think you are wonderful for making it for him.

April 24, 2009

Between the Pages

Before I post about the projects that I have in the June 2009 issue of Crafts ‘n Things, there are three things in this issue that I want to point out. First, check out the cover. Is this not the coolest!
Earlier this year, I noticed college students wearing galoshes. I soon realized that it had nothing to do with the weather. Rather, it was a fashion statement. I’ve never paid much attention to trends, but the boots on the cover definitely grabbed my attention. Lime and hot pink have always been a favorite spring color combination for me. The added orange makes this a real color WOW. Who knows, the instructions make it look so easy. I might even give this a try and make a fashion splash. I’d have the correct footwear!
The next thing that caught my eye was a picture in the contents area. The stamps looked familiar. (After reading the article, I realized that I own but have never used the set. Anyone else do that?) I was intrigued because I couldn’t figure out what products were used. I was pleased to discover the jewelry was created by Margot Potter, The Impatient Crafter™. (Even if you’re not into jewelry or crafting, you’re bound to get a laugh out of Margot’s videos.)
Margot used techniques in the article similar to those you will find on her blog in a recycled jewelry project. Of course, I’m really partial to her “faux enameled jewelry” in Crafts ‘n Things. Stamped projects are always among my favorites. I might even pull out that unused stamp set.
After checking out the contents pages, I began my quick flip through the magazine. I like to “see” every page before I start back at the beginning to savor every word. I stopped at page 100, a pair of cards titled “Angels among Us.” My thought was, “I’ve got to tell . . . Wait a minute. I don’t need to point out these cards to Jen. Jen made them.”
I met Jen Lowe several years ago at Ranger University. Even then, her style was quite distinctive. If you ever need inspiration, check out her blog. Jen is a prolific blogger and fills each day with creativity.
I’ve mentioned my discoveries. I look forward to posting about my projects for this issue next.